Are you compliant for the new DVS (Direct Vision Standard) legislation? Starting from 26th October 2020, HGV’s over 12T will need a safety permit to enter Greater London.

What is DVS?

The Direct Vision Standard is a measure of how much HGV drivers can see from their cab directly. Now, there is a new safety legislation from the TFL, aimed to reduce the amount of accidents and fatalities caused by HGV’s.

DVS star rating

A HGV can have a rating of zero stars (poor direct vision) up to five stars (excellent direct vision). If your HGV is rated one to five stars, you can apply for a permit without the need to fit any safe system measures. However, if your HGV is rated zero stars, you will need to make your vehicle safer by the fitting the below safe system measures.

Safe system measures

  • Class V and VI mirrors
  • A fully operational camera monitoring system including side scanning cameras
  • A sensor system with driver alerts
  • An audible vehicle manoeuvring warning for left turns (or right turns if the vehicle is left-hand drive)
  • Warning signage
  • Side-underrun protection


If you enter Greater London without a safety permit you will incur fines:

  • £550 for the operator
  • £130 for the driver

Check your star rating and apply for a permit here.

How Hireco can help

Are you now looking for a vehicle to be compliant with the new legislation?

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