‘New kid on the block’, Hireco would like you to meet our newest employee, Tony Antoniou. Check out our Q&A below so you can get to know him, his role and the future plans with Hireco UK.

  1. What is your job role at Hireco UK?

    “Hi, my names Tony Antoniou, I have been in the automotive industry for over 30 years and have recently joined Hireco as Head of Sales for the LCV division. My role predominantly is to structure and integrate a new product portfolio of services into the successful brands that Hireco already have and the new product being a Welfare and Refrigeration division.”

  2. What’s in store for the rest of this year?

    “As there is not too long left of this turbulent year my immediate aim is to focus on building the correct vehicle specifications for the market place in two sectors, civil engineering for road and rail for the welfare division and chilled and frozen vehicle types for food, beverage and pharmaceuticals. I have spoken to clients that use such vehicles as my measure for putting together the right vehicles for the end user and not just for our rental fleet.
    Duty of care is a priority for us so we ensure our welfare vehicles are correctly and fully kitted out for comfort and cleanliness and are a suitable place for work force rest periods and meeting points. Refrigeration is already well known to the Hireco group and the LCV entry will enhance the portfolio further, so at the moment I am introducing processes and defined lines of communication throughout the operational team to handle the new demand and ensure the service levels to our customers are met fully and we execute our strategy professionally and correctly with the service levels being met.”

  3. When do you officially launch?

    “The aim to launch the new division is January 2020. At present we are building our prototype for the welfare division on what you, the customer has told us and what you would need from the vehicle going forward. We will get your feedback by way of demonstrations and trials over the weeks and if it suits and we have ticked all your boxes for the demands and needs for the vehicle then we will have a generic specified Welfare vehicle in place for 2020 and ready for launch.”

  4. What are your visions for 2020?

    “I guess with any plan and any new entry to the marketplace you must have a vision and some realistic targets in place. Our vision is to build a business that delivers and achieves what it says it’s going to do and with a good reputation, respect and is highly regarded by the operator or end user. With any business, let’s face it profitability is important for further growth and expansion but should not come at the expense of customer service and we at Hireco will commit to purchasing the right vehicles and expand our network to further enhance our commitment to you.”

  5. What’s next for electrical vans?

    “We at Hireco have taken the lead and have now purchased electrical vehicles which are being held within our stock. Our aim is to contact Local Authorities in inner cities for trials and demonstration and get their feedback. We will assist in compiling some indicative contract hire and leasing rates that may suit people’s purchasing plans for the oncoming financial year. If you see the benefits long term for the council, it should not just be seen as a financial benefit but your health and long term global reaction would be positively affected.”

If you have anymore questions for Tony, you can contact him directly on 07738 410084 or you can email him on tony.antoniou@hireco.co.uk.