Hireco launch branded wheel guards!

As the UK’s biggest buyer of new fleet trailers, reaching a record breaking 2000 this year, the wheel guards will be used on all new fleet trailers going forward.

Along with our Hireco H in the top corner, this will enhance the Hireco brand as the trailers cover over 416 million miles every year! See if you can spot them on the roads near you.

Check out the below pictures to see what they look like! We love how they’ve turned out.

What are wheel guards?

A wheel guard is used in combination with the vehicle vender to protect the vehicle, passengers, other vehicles, and pedestrians from mud and other things like water and rocks etc thrown into the air by the tyre. They also help minimize damage to the undercarrige by providing a barrier between your wheels and your tailgate. Improving safety for all.

As well as protection, wheel guards also increase longevity for the trailer and truck mechanical parts.

New Fleet Update

Whilst we are on the subject of new fleet, we still have a fantastic range of trailers available from key manufacturers for the final quarter of the year:

  • SDC/LD Postless Trailers
  • Multi-temp Krone Trailers
  • Montracon PSK Trailers
  • Montracon Step frame Double Deck Trailers
  • Dennison Skeletal Trailers

In addition to the trailer fleet, Hireco also have:

  • 18 Ton, Euro 6, MAN TGM Curtainsiders with Tail-lift
  • MAN TGX Tractor Units

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Credit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudflap